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5 Fleet Safety Tricks Every Fleet Manager Should Know

When your phone rings at 3am, you expect the worst. When you hear that one of your drivers has been involved in an...

14 May, 2018

Operation Safe Driving Week - What YOU can do to help

Today kicks off Operation Safe Driving Week in North America and we have compiled a few tips on how you can do...

15 October, 2017

Safe, Safer, Safest - Innovations in Truck Safety

In the last few years, the trucking industry has undergone some serious changes: From the emergence of electric...

8 August, 2017

Protecting the Driver & Others on the Road - How CoPilot Truck Puts Safety First

Safety is one of the top concerns for any fleet - knowing that how safe a driver is on the road impacts far beyond...

17 November, 2016

ALK Technologies Is Headed to the Fleet Safety Conference

Join us as we participate for the first time in the 2016 Fleet Safety Conference in Schaumburg IL, July 18-20th. ...

15 July, 2016

Take a Break for Brake Safety

September 6-12 is all about Brake Safety Awareness, thanks to an initiative brought forward by the Commercial Vehicle...

10 September, 2015

Safe & Attentive - Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Distractions - they're everywhere, but what happens when you're the one who's distracted and you're behind the wheel? 

24 April, 2015

ALK Partners with Road Safety Charity Brake

Developer of CoPilot sat nav apps embarks on a campaign to promote safer driving with leading UK road safety charity...

24 March, 2015