Forecast the Road Ahead with Real-Time and Predictive Weather

Hurricanes along the gulf and eastern coasts, blizzards in the upper Midwest, tornadoes in the Great Plains, and...

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20 November, 2017

STELLA! Don't Let Storms Like Winter Storm Stella Hurt Your Bottom Line

As Winter Storm Stella is in the process of delivering more than a foot of snow to the east coast of the United...

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14 March, 2017

Transport America Case Study: The 5 Benefits of Weather Alerts

We recently caught up with Tom Benusa, CIO at Transport America about how his team has incorporated Weather Alerts...

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9 January, 2017

Winter is Coming. Plan with proactive weather displays and alerts to keep your assets safe.

With winter on the horizon, fleet managers are preparing for the busiest and most dangerous time of the year. The...

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5 December, 2016

Transport America’s Use of ALK Maps’ Weather Alerts Receives CCJ Innovator of the Year Award

Congratulations Transport America on the honor of being named CCJ’s 2016 Innovator of the Year!

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8 February, 2016

New Case Study Published: Weather Alerts with ALK Maps

"With safety as our core value, Weather Alerts allows for proactive communication and guidance to our drivers. The... Read More
19 August, 2015

Transport America Implements ALK Maps Weather Alerts

Automated weather warnings save Fleet Leaders time, keep drivers and cargo safe and improve fleet utilization

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31 March, 2015

Keep Your Drivers Safe and Make Informed Decisions with ALK Maps’ Weather Alerts

The Northeast has already seen their share of ugly winter storms - Knife in Western New York and most recently, Juno... Read More
3 February, 2015

ALK Maps Introduces New Weather Alert Visualization Module

Enables more efficient route planning during inclement weather  

Princeton, N.J. – January 29, 2015 – ALK, a Trimble...

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29 January, 2015