How much are unplanned detours really costing your business?

The truth is the cost of unplanned stops and out-of-route events could be costing your business more than you think.

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13 June, 2023

Q&A with Alternative Logic: Challenges, Partnerships & Transformations

Alternative Logic offers its customers the best-in-class workforce management and routing planning solutions.

In this...

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26 January, 2023

Supporting DPD Deutschland’s Sustainability Goals and One-Hour Delivery Windows

As climate changes continue to impact every element of the global supply chain, DPD Deutschland—a franchise of ...

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23 August, 2022

Yodel Partners with Trimble Maps to Increase Driver Efficiency & Customer Satisfaction

Yodel is one of the UK’s leading independent parcel carriers and delivers millions of parcels each week from more...

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9 May, 2022

10.9 CoPilot Update Now Available

We have just released a new CoPilot update, which brings enhanced navigation, routing, guidance and ETAs to help...

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11 December, 2018

5 Ways To Empower Your Fleet With CoPilot Truck

Being a fleet manager isn't the easiest job in the world. Truck fleet managers in particular face challenges every...

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20 February, 2018

Compliance Counts - How CoPilot Truck Keeps Fleets Ahead of the Curve

Adhering to ever changing regulations can prove to be a headache for any driver manager or driver. Staying complaint...

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1 December, 2016

Aspray24 Next Day Delivery - Utilizing CoPilot Truck and Advanced Route Optimization to Improve Driver Efficiency

 Aspray24, a specialized next day delivery company operating a fleet of more than 400 trucks out of 14 depots, tasked...

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25 August, 2016

APPFORUM 2015 Sponsor Series: Mapping the Journey from Navigation to Advanced Route Solutions with ALK Technologies

As a sponsor of APPFORUM 2015, ALK is eager to meet application developers to swap ideas about practical, commercial...

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21 September, 2015