Q&A with Alternative Logic: Challenges, Partnerships & Transformations

Posted: 26 January, 2023 | By Trimble MAPS

Alternative Logic offers its customers the best-in-class workforce management and routing planning solutions.

In this Q&A, Simon Moore, Sales Director of Alternative Logic, discusses the company's partnership with Trimble, summarises the industry challenges and explains how their solution has helped transform and meet customer needs. 

Please briefly describe the challenges and the transformation that is going on in the industry.

To better serve our customers and maintain our market competitiveness, our attention is constantly on staying ahead of the most recent mapping and routing technology.  

We are noticing an increased interest in route planning and scheduling requirements among new and existing customers; the benefits of integrating route planning software are undeniable. We've seen how these technologies can reduce fleet operating costs and improve business efficiency regarding the time and miles required to complete deliveries. Our customers can deliver to recipients on time, which ultimately means happy consumers.

Similarly, we know fleets must have access to the latest mapping data in the back office for operations and in the vehicle for driver guidance, to ensure accuracy and an easy navigating experience. That's why we make it a priority to give our customers the best tools that will evolve and improve their businesses. 


Tell us about your partnership with Trimble and how your solutions integrate with Trimble's

Our relationship began in 2016 when the company was still known as ALK. At the time, Trimble's commercial truck satnav product, CoPilot, was what we delivered to several haulage customers that asked for navigation assistance on the road. Today, in addition to CoPilot, we have built our route planning and scheduling user interface, which uses the Trimble Maps API. 

Screenshot of Alternative Logic's navigation system powered by Trimble Maps


The expansion into the back office has proven to be a great value add solution for our existing customers and has helped us win new customers. For example, we have recently provided Celtic Vacuum Limited (celvac) with our complete end-to-end workforce solution that incorporates this.  

Celvac, an industrial cleaning company, use the solution to plan routes, assign job cards to remote staff, monitor job status through to completion and more.  You may learn more about it here.


What is it like to work with Trimble? 

It has genuinely been a collaborative process working with Trimble. We regularly communicate with the Trimble team to exchange knowledge and expertise; this helps us to enhance our features and solutions. When the support team is needed, the team respond immediately to assist us in resolving any problems.

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