Upcoming GPS Week Number Rollover Event: April 6, 2019

Operators with integrated Global Positioning Systems (GPS), please be aware of the upcoming April 6, 2019, GPS...

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12 March, 2019

Van Growth Drives Home Delivery

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the festive season coming closer, today we look at the way in which those...

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21 November, 2017

How Mapping & Navigation Tools Ensure Every Child Gets to and from School Safely

Did you know that school bus carriers operate the largest mass transportation fleet in the country with an...

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6 November, 2017

When Getting On-site is Only Part of the Journey

In these days of GPS, navigating public highways is a straightforward process. Load up your itinerary, optimize...

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19 September, 2017

ALK Blog Series #2: Staying Safe in Winter Weather Driving Conditions

Some parts of the country and world have already seen their fair share of unpleasant weather recently. Whether it’s...

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2 December, 2015

GIS Day – Using Maps to Navigate Safely & Efficiently Around the World

As technology continues to advance, people and organizations around the world are better understanding how to utilize...

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18 November, 2015

Routing, Mileage & Navigation in the Patch

Increasing efficiency and safety are always at the top of the list for companies operating in the patch.  As...

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2 November, 2015

ALK Technologies Updates CoPilot Truck In-Cab Navigation with Enhanced Routing Profile Management

Improves truck routing profiles and incorporates back office remote management to enhance driver safety and enable...

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19 October, 2015

Make Booth 18158 Your #1 POI at GATS

We care about drivers and their safety. That’s why we’ve created CoPilot Truck. Our unique offering provides drivers:

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28 August, 2015