What is the Last Mile? A Trucking Perspective

Posted: 27 July, 2018 | By Romana Klinger

By now we know what the ‘last mile’ is and why it is important for parcel delivery. Why does the ‘last mile’ matter so much in the trucking industry? Find out below:Last_Mile3_Low

The Final Piece Of The Puzzle

In the context of the trucking industry, the ‘last mile’ is the final leg of the journey in the supply chain. It’s the crucial piece of the puzzle that links a hub with the premise where the product will be purchased or consumed. ‘Last mile delivery’ refers to the truck driver delivering goods from a distribution center, such as a local warehouse, to the facility where the end consumer will receive their products ( i.e. a local supermarket or retail store).

While a delay or issue within the production-to-hub supply chain might not be immediately visible or known to the consumer, a problem during last mile delivery can quickly become an issue that the wider public is aware about and lead to negative consequences for all companies involved.

In the blog post on parcel delivery, we wrote about the increase in (end-)customer expectation. The same can be said about trucking companies’ customers, such as retailers or wholesalers. They also expect their freight to be delivered to the local facility safely within a certain time window and want to be kept informed if there are changes.

Keep On Trucking

However, the trucking industry faces additional challenges during the final step of the supply chain. While parcel delivery companies mostly employ vans or lighter commercial vehicles to fulfil the last mile, a trucking company’s profits depend on freight volume and therefore a larger vehicle is necessary (otherwise we wouldn’t need trucking companies to begin with).

When driving a large truck it’s crucial for safety and compliance that route planning and mapping software takes into account the truck’s dimensions. Planning and navigation technology needs to be designed to be suitable for a large commercial vehicles and include appropriate warnings and routes.

Finding the right technology to “deliver the last mile” is critical for the success of trucking companies. To find out more, visit www.copilottruck.com.

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