Routing, Mileage & Navigation in the Patch

Posted: 2 November, 2015 | By ALK Technologies

Increasing efficiency and safety are always at the top of the list for companies operating in the patch.  As highlighted in the recent Trimble news release announcing their new Oil and Gas Services Suite, there’s very powerful technology available today for managing the transportation of fleets and equipment servicing well sites in the oil and gas industry.

Why is it critical to have industry-specific in-cab navigation, routing & mileage data?

  • Precise mileage and distance using actual oil and gas roads for accurate billing
  • Improves driver productivity and efficiency with the most comprehensive off-road mapping
  • Provides turn-by-turn, voiced-guided truck-legal navigation for safety and accuracy
  • Detailed energy network coverage to include remote sites
  • Mileage precision and accurate ETA calculations from well to well or public to private lease roads
  • Reduce out-of route mileage costs when routing both on and off the grid
Navigate directly to a well head Navigate directly to a well head
PC*MILER|Energy route plan PC*MILER|Energy route plan
Precise mileage & travel times from well to well Precise mileage & travel times from well to well


At ALK we’ve worked closely with our partners to develop and bring together market solutions that have you covered once you leave the highway.

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