ALK Technologies Announces Integration of PC*MILER 30 with TMW Systems' Software and Services

Enhanced route planning tools, including weather alerts and overlays, for trip optimization and asset utilization. 

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24 January, 2017

GIS Day – Using Maps to Navigate Safely & Efficiently Around the World

As technology continues to advance, people and organizations around the world are better understanding how to utilize...

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18 November, 2015

ALK Technologies Announces McLeod Software Integration of PC*MILER 29

Provides LoadMaster and PowerBroker customers updated nationwide commercial routing, mileage and mapping

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2 October, 2015

ALK Technologies Announces TMW Systems Integration of PC*MILER 29

TMW customers gain the latest nationwide commercial routing, mileage and mapping for planning and optimizing fleet...

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11 September, 2015

ALK is Pleased to Present PC*MILER 29

Now with the HOS Manager. ALK’s product, data, development and design teams work diligently together throughout the...

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8 July, 2015

ALK Maps Now Available in the SkyBitz InSight Asset Management Web Application

Provides Enhanced Industry-Specific Map Layers for Improved Fleet Visibility and Asset Control

Princeton, N.J. – June...

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11 June, 2015

ALK Maps Arrive in Europe

Developers of CoPilot Professional launch a development platform that offers dynamic asset and route visibility to...

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2 March, 2015

ALK Maps Unveils Version 1.2 with Enhanced Visualization Tools

Adds improved satellite imagery and new user functionality

Princeton, New Jersey – August 19, 2014 – ALK...

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19 August, 2014

New Tech Makes Weigh Station Bypass Easier

CoPilot Truck users know that cell phones and smart phones are no longer just for staying connected, but are helping...

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18 July, 2014