2019 Q2 North American Map Data Enhancements and Highlights

Posted: 20 June, 2019 | By Jason Wright

Trimble MAPS is dedicated to making sure our map data is updated regularly so that you can have the most precise mileage and produce the best routes for your fleet. We’ve just launched our latest map data release.

Q1 Map Data Enhancements (6)

North American Map Data Enhancements

Notably, over 56,000 road segments have been updated with fixes to geometry and routing attribution as a result of GPS data analytics and other innovative projects. Take a look at some more of our most recent highlights over the last few months.

  • Updates to the road network were made in 281 counties
  • 74 new construction road projects were added
  • Truck attributes were updated; totaling more than 800,000 miles
  • Truck through-travel restrictions were updated within 38 city limits
  • Weight limits were updated in Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, New Hampshire, Oklahoma & Oregon
  • Posted vertical clearances were reviewed and updated in Arizona & Florida
  • Tolls were updated to reflect new rates in California, New York, Texas & Virginia
  • City points and postal codes were updated for the US and Canada
  • 466 Walmart Overnight Parking, 10 distribution centers, 83 CAT scales, 3 truck stops and 14 manufacturing plants were added to the Places database

Our maps are designed for commercial vehicles, this is map data that you won’t get anywhere else. We’re committed to ensuring every driver and vehicle on the road has access to the best possible routing and navigation.

NOTE: Data updates may be made available in different Trimble MAPS products at different times. The type of data available also depends on your licensing. Please contact us if you are unsure of your data licensing.


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