PC*MILER Web - Product Update

Posted: 12 June, 2017 | By ALK Technologies


We are excited to announce the latest version of PC*MILER Web is now available!

PC*MILER Web provides users access to the industry’s most trusted truck routing and mileage anywhere, anytime. From basic mileage calculations to extensive route planning tools, use PC*MILER Web for any and all business needs. The latest update brings a more intuitive interface focused on ease of use to maximize your most valued asset - time.

Simpler stop entry to make it easier to find and route to the places you need

Improved routing options for more precise ETAs and drive times

Refreshed menus designed to increase productivity

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Did you know PC*MILER Web is:

-Ideal for small fleets, owner/operators, and brokers

-Has low monthly subscription options

-With no need to install and maintain desktop software

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