Integrated workforce management technology for better, smarter, safer decisions on the road

Posted: 27 October, 2020 | By Abigail Obano

Trimble MAPS and Totalmobile have jointly developed an innovative Integrated workforce management system that is designed to monitor, manage and analyse the status and location of all assets in real-time.



The system combines Totalmobile’s Mobilise mobile workforce management application with the Trimble MAPS suite of commercial mapping, routing, navigation and location APIS to provide a dashboard designed to support fleet managers as they plan precise routes that automatically factor in strict capacity and geographic restrictions.

In addition, the combined system integrates with CoPilot truck-specific satellite navigation application. To pass exact routes to the drivers’ device, providing them with a streamlined journey - while minimising disruptions to the general public.

We are proud to have partnered with Totalmobile, as they are at the forefront of creating and delivering innovative and effective solutions for the Civil Engineering and Construction industry.

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Want to learn more about Integrated workforce management technology? Check out our joint blog post with Totalmobile 


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