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Posted: 29 November, 2018 | By Romana Klinger

In the run-up to the busy holiday season, it’s time to take a look at one of the biggest industries we serve: Transport & Logistics (T&L), specifically Carriers, Shippers, and 3PLs. Chances are that the parcels you will find under your tree this year will have seen a truck or delivery van from the inside.


In the US alone, “spending in the logistics and transportation industry totalled $1.4 trillion in 2016 (7.5 percent of U.S. GDP that year)” (see here >). The T&L sector keeps the wheels turning - both literally and figuratively. Without Transport & Logistics, national and international trade is unthinkable (and we might have to cancel Christmas). In the following, we will take a look at what’s important to T&L companies and how technology can help them and their customers:

What’s Important For Transport & Logistics Companies

A carrier for example strives to fulfil as many deliveries as possible. They want to do this in the shortest amount of time with the least fuel used and miles driven. Additionally, they  want no accidents caused while adhering to HOS and regulations. Since profit margins in T&L are notoriously tight, every detail counts and could make the difference between red or green numbers on the balance sheet at the end of the month.

How Tech Can Help

As with many other industries over the years, technology has transformed T&L significantly. Long gone are the days of physical maps and complicated plotting by hand. Technology can help to:

  • Generate accurate ETAs that take into account HOS breaks and real-time conditions, ensuring efficient asset utilization and increased productivity

  • Establish true cost and reduce non-revenue mileage with comprehensive planning tools

  • Improve driver safety and reduce distraction with safe, reliable truck-legal guidance throughout the planned route

  • Boost route compliance by monitoring driver adherence to the planned route in real-time and post-trip for deeper analysis and driver coaching

  • Build dispatch and asset tracking applications

  • Display real-time traffic and weather to identify potential impacts for enhanced route planning and improved customer service

At ALK, we work with a range of carriers, shippers and 3PLs to provide them and our partners with mileage, navigation, route optimization and back office map visualization.  Want to learn more? Read our Aspray24 case study, watch the video and visit to get in touch.

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