How To Improve First Time Delivery Rates - The Challenge

Posted: 5 June, 2018 | By ALK Technologies

According to a report from McKinsey1, 50 percent of parcel delivery cost is directly attributable to the last mile. Only first time delivery makes the journey profitable. How can organizations improve their rates of successful first time delivery?

Pocketmobile_Feature_TemplateAlready deployed within the postal and logistic service provider industry, ALK Technologies and PocketMobile provide a solution that secures last mile performance while simplifying process and motivating delivery personnel.

The Business Challenges

  • A continuous need to reduce cost per stop
  • Must optimize to improve the customer experience
  • Maintaining and motivating a driver workforce
  • Seamless operation between legacy and new technology

A Tool for Every Delivery Stage

  • PreCom Logistics Webportal
  • PreCom/ALK Maps
  • PreCom Logistics Dashboard
  • PreCom Logistics Mobile system
  • Advanced Route Optimization
  • CoPilot Professional GPS navigation

The Business Benefits

  • Up to 50% reduction in last mile delivery cost
  • Significant first time delivery success
  • A trusted suite of proven solutions within the post parcel sector

Customers Include

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1 McKinsey - Parcel Delivery - The Future of the Last Mile

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