How GPS Technology Can Benefit Your Lumber and Building Materials Business

Posted: 15 August, 2019 | By Jason Wright

Imagine a world where you, as an LBM dealer, had such complete control over your delivery fleet that you could proactively schedule preventive maintenance, and track deliveries to ensure the fastest times and best use of fuel, all while increasing both efficiency and customer satisfaction. With GPS tracking and mapping systems, you can.Feature Images (30)

Article originally posted in LBM Journal on August 8, 2019 - More and more, lumber fleets are turning to new technologies to help solve their individual challenges to become more efficient than ever.

GPS and Mapping Solutions

Pairing GPS technology with mobile solutions, an LBM dealer can geocode locations that may not appear on maps for easy future returns to that delivery destination. As well, drivers can be navigated with safe, turn-by-turn directions on commercial vehicle-specific roads, and they can get proactive notifications on planned versus actual stops.

It is important for LBM dealers to not see GPS and mapping technologies as simply a means to track trucks on the road. While many dealers initially gravitate towards that functionality, there are more efficiencies to be had.

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While new technology can seem daunting, we make it as easy as possible to integrate our solutions into your processes.

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