Environmentally conscious routing & navigation through emission zones

Posted: 5 November, 2020 | By Abigail Obano

The Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and Lorry Control System (LLCS) are restrictions that apply to motorists travelling in areas that do not meet the emission or weight requirements of the UK government.


Both controls exist in the center of London and operate through defined hours and days of the year.1 2 However, the government recently announced,  that the geographical coverage of these restrictions will increase from 25 October 20213

Similarly, more than 24 European countries and 200 cities throughout Europe have some form of environmental / restriction zone which needs to be taken into account.

Like the ULEZ, they are intended to minimise air and noise emissions and increase road safety for drivers, as, like many other environmental zones, they prevent vehicles from entering highly congested areas by imposing high charges. But, as more customers and businesses are working from home, and fleets are required to deliver to these areas these restrictions add to the complexity of final mile logistics and needs to be considered. 

How we can help?

Integrating with our commercial vehicle-specific mobile navigation, CoPilot, ensures that drivers and fleets are provided with the safest, most efficient routes through emission zones and beyond. Since, CoPilot shares the same source of commercial map data and routing algorithms that are used across all of our solutions - you can feel confident that business operations will remain consistent as the road rules change Additionally, Fleets can benefit from:

  • Advanced Route Planning

    The on-board route planning capability of CoPilot provides the driver with maximum visibility at the beginning of the journey, with options to either enter or avoid the restricted area.

  • Enhanced Vehicle Settings

    Connected to our back office fleet management tools, dispatchers are able to remotely configure vehicle routing profiles and settings. To ensure that drivers are directed down suitable roads based on their vehicle dimensions and load profiles,  whilst also limiting the amount of time that the driver is touching a screen on-route.

  • Accurate Notifications on the road

    CoPilot's on-device notifications are designed to warn the drivers if the route originates, goes into, or passes through restricted areas. To make sure that they remain compliant and avoid unexpected fines.

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Want more information about CoPilot? Visit www.copilotpro.com or contact to the Trimble MAPS team 

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