How to Choose Which CoPilot Integration Works for My Business

Posted: 25 June, 2019 | By Jason Wright

Integrating turn-by-turn GPS navigation for commercial vehicles into a workflow or proof of delivery application is not just about getting your drivers to the right location. It also gives your business the opportunity to make impactful decisions and efficiently communicate with customers using real-time activity out on the road. CoPilot has two integration options, SDK (Software Developer Kit) and CPIK (CoPilot Integration Kit).

CoPilot SDK and CPIK

Although their capabilities are similar, there are differences in how the two applications work. At the most basic level, CPIK and SDK are two different ways you can integrate CoPilot with your application. There is no “correct” way to integrate, but it is about identifying which integration will best meet your operation’s needs. View the comparison chart below to see a high-level overview of the two options.

CoPilot SDK vs CPIK comparison chart

Still having trouble deciding which integration is best for you? Let’s dive a little deeper into the requirements of your deployment.

CoPilot Integration Kit

The CoPilot Integration Kit (CPIK) is a plug-in model, with the CoPilot library embedded directly into your application. This creates an enhanced, single-application experience, and it prevents your driver from toggling between two applications. The on-screen user input is received and processed by the required application, but the integration app can control and overlay widgets on top of CoPilot.

Reasons to choose the CPIK integration

  • CoPilot library is seamlessly integrated into your application
  • Library package includes all the necessary APIs for 3rd party integration
  • Comes with complete documentation, a sample application and source code for the sample application
  • Ability for a single 3rd party application to be available through consumer app stores or distributed through internal organization app stores
  • Driver doesn’t have to toggle between multiple apps
  • Ability to customize the user interface and overlay content on top of CoPilot
  • Supported on Android and iOS

Software Development Kit

The CoPilot Software Developer Kit (SDK) is a remote control model, with two separate applications communicating through a socket connection. The application passes instructions and destinations to CoPilot, which returns callback notifications. A feature-rich set of APIs allows for significant management and control over the CoPilot application. SDK is supported on Windows and Android.

Reasons to choose the SDK integration

  • Highly configurable and scalable for any fleet size
  • Your application will pass instructions/destinations to CoPilot
  • CoPilot provides callback notifications to your application
  • Integration on multiple platforms simplified
  • Over 250 APIs available for integration and communication
  • Supported on Android and Windows

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