‘Back to School’ Made Simple for Bus Drivers Using CoPilot® Integrated Navigation

Posted: 9 November, 2016 | By ALK Technologies

The school year is back in full swing, and with the return of pencils and books, some students may experience a bit of the blues. Parents can also feel the stress, but far beyond simply making sure their child’s coats are buttoned up on a blustery day at the bus stop.

k-12-blog-postAnd if you manage a fleet of school buses, not only must you consider a parent’s worry for their child’s safety, but you are also presented with your own tasks for promoting safe and efficient transportation. Reliable route planning and navigation technology plays a critical role in addressing these concerns and helping school bus drivers to safely, and promptly, bring that busload of students to their destination each day.

Whether you’re handing a prescribed route to a seasoned driver, a substitute less familiar with the area, or perhaps someone brand new to the profession, a key to successfully managing your fleet is to provide navigation that keeps a driver on schedule while maintaining a safe speed and following other restrictions or when facing less than optimal conditions on the road. Understanding that a GPS solution that considers side-of-street routing, as well as accurate ETAs, is just one essential piece of the solution, ALK Technologies and Synovia Solutions have teamed up to help K-12 fleets increase driver and passenger safety, shorten the driver on-boarding process, and help to save time and money overall.This new partnership was announced at the NAPT Annual Summit in Kansas City, MO where a representative from each company was available to answer questions about CoPilot integrated navigation on Synovia’s Mobile Data Terminal. Read more here or contact busdev@alk.com for a demo.


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