Automated Visibility into Real-Time Conditions and Driver Behavior for Dynamic, Precise ETAs.

Posted: 10 May, 2019 | By Jason Wright

The movement of freight has become increasingly complex and dynamic — from hours of service regulations to increased carrier pressure to hit customer delivery windows and provide superior customer service, to the importance of freight visibility. You can plan precisely, but you can’t always control what happens on the road.

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Trip insight and management, delivered.

The Trimble MAPS development platform provides a set of web and mobile APIs that offer unique insight and management of freight movement throughout its life cycle - from planning to execution to analysis. Using these APIs, fleets and solution providers can automate real-time visibility and ETA impact of current conditions like traffic and weather, as well as driver behavior on the road.

Not only does this provide the full 360 degree view of the trip, but it also allows fleets to make informed, proactive decisions to avoid service failures with alerts and notifications of ETA changes, arrival status, and out-of-route events. Even more, fleets can share these precise ETAs directly with customers and deliver exceptional customer service.


We were so excited to debut our web and mobile APIs for trip management at FreightWaves Transparency19. Rishi Mehra presented an example use case of a solution that can be built using our APIs during the “Rapid Fire Demos” - where each presenter had just seven minutes to show their offerings.

In case you missed it, here is a visual representation of the use case that Rishi presented. Stay tuned for part two of our trip management blog series where we will provide a more in-depth look at the solutions you can build.

Feature Images (8)Benefits for your business.

  • Provide exceptional customer service by sharing your driver’s precise ETA
  • Precise ETA calculation and improved visibility of load status leads to better asset utilization and future load planning - fleets and dispatchers know when they can book their next driver's load
  • Improve operational efficiency with reduced phone calls between dispatch and drivers

Get a demo and learn more about how our web and mobile APIs offer comprehensive trip insight and management here.

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